Global Voices offers vast array of services, including:

Remote/Virtual Simultaneous Interpretation

Global Voices aims to bridge the gap in communication barriers in the globalized world.


When two or more people are not able to communicate with each other clearly, mainly due to a language difference, they need interpretation services.

Document Translation

Global Voices guarantees timely delivery of foreign language documents that not only convey words but also communicate

Language Training

Training is offered in all UN Languages and the local languages. We offer flexible training packages tailored for you


When it comes to entertainment, we believe we offer a service second to none. No matter how small or large your requirement, we know we deliver a service to

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Global Voices highly experienced staff can recommend the best simultaneous

Hostess in Various Languages

Global Voices provides bilingual and trilingual hostesses and interpreters for trade fairs and conferences.

Conference Management

Global voices has over 6 years experience and expertise in conference management and organization, technical

Conference Interpretation

The interpreter listens through headphones to the incoming message in the source language and communicates