Over 12 years of expertise in conference management, event organization, and sustainability. Your success is our priority.

Global voices has over 12 years experience and expertise in conference management and organization, technical production and event management for major Kenyan businesses, local government, public sector agencies and associations.

Our service is based on innovation, attention to detail, flexibility and enthusiasm. Our experienced team will work for you and with you to provide a comprehensive package of support, and ensure your conference, event or road show programme is smooth running, successful and meets your targets. The positive feedback from our many clients reinforces our philosophy of providing event management expertise, high levels of service and tangible results.

We organize and manage events for a wide range of clients across Kenya and abroad. We have substantial resources and there are no limits to the quantity or scale of events we can take on:

  • Secretariat management
  • Ushering
  • Logistics
  • Interpretation Equipment
  • Interpretation Services
  •  Traditional Entertainment

Improving event sustainability – our commitment to greener events and meetings.

We understand that there is an environmental impact associated with every conference and event that we are asked to manage or produce. We are committed to reducing as much as possible any negative consequences of our activities by implementing sustainable and Eco-friendly practices. We have produced a set of Green Events Guidelines, which will give you some useful action points towards more environmentally friendly events.

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