Global Voices ensures accurate document translation with a six-step methodology, including native-speaking professionals and client feedback for success.

We understand the importance of deadlines. Global Voices guarantees timely delivery of foreign language documents that not only convey words but also communicate accurately the client’s tone, message, and intent.

We therefore combine our technical expertise with a unique quality assurance process to form a Six- step methodology. This methodology ensures our client’s success in the domestic and the international marketplace. The steps are as follows but always customized to clients’ needs.

  • A team that combines native-speaking translation professionals who are accredited. We select linguists by matching their backgrounds and experience to the client’s specific industry.
  • One of the most important steps in the translation and localization process is the development of a client-specific glossary. A person in charge of terminology confers with the client on standardization and the definition of terminology in the chosen language (Lexical).
  • During this step, the initial translation is completed. After the initial translation is completed, an editor reviews the material for translation accuracy, grammatical and linguistic integrity, technical specificity, errors or omissions, and culturally and politically sensitive issues.
  • To ensure the client’s complete satisfaction, we have the client review the translated material prior to publication or dissemination. This review allows for feedback and suggestions that can fine- tune and improve the translated text.
  • Galley proofing is the final step in the translation process. During the galley or final proofing, we check for stray words and correct hyphenation. We also verify that words stressed in the original document have the same stress in the translated piece. We double-check graphics, photos, and colour schemes to confirm they are appropriate for the target audience.
  • After all the quality assurance steps have been completed, we deliver the text to the client in the format selected by the client. We offer an array of format possibilities, including electronic.

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