Comprehensive language training in UN languages and more. Unlock new opportunities for personal, cultural, and career growth.

Training is offered in all UN Languages and the local languages

Language training packages

  • Language for business
  • Language for the diplomatic service
  • Language for the international civil service
  • Language for the hotel &tourism industries
  • Language for teachers

Courses offered in preparation for the above

  • Language for beginners
  • Bridging language
  • Advanced language
  • Executive language for all professional and academic purposes

Why learn a foreign language?

  • Personal development; gain new horizons by learning a new language, and at the same time reinforce your own identity resulting in stronger personality and self-confidence.
  • Cultural reasons; cultures define themselves through languages. Access to another culture will enable one communicate and exchange views worldwide.
  • Educational reasons; foreign language has a positive effect on intellectual growth and enriches mental development. It is most effective at an early age. There is evidence that, like musical education, it contributes significantly to the development of individual’s intelligence.
  • Economic Reasons; in a globalized world characterized by international links and intercultural connections, linguistic skills are crucial for employment and career. The knowledge of foreign language increases job opportunities.

We offer flexible training packages tailored for you, contact us so we can discuss further.

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