Break language barriers in virtual meetings with our simultaneous interpretation. Multiple languages, and top-notch sound quality ensure seamless communication.

Global Voices Limited aims to bridge the gap in communication barriers in the globalized world. Translations and interpretations remain essential in a multilingual world to enable communication. Remote interpretation has become an increasing trend in virtual conferences and events.

In the increasing online connectedness of the society, we have embraced the use of virtual platforms such as zoom, webinars, skype, google meets etc. to offer simultaneous interpretation.Without leaving your home or place of business, you can get high quality interpretations from our expert interpreters.

This meeting platforms gives the meeting attendees the options of choosing their preferred language. Each channel has its own language and interpreter and it can host multiple languages within the same meeting.

We have quality sound equipment that ensure excellent sound quality. Our expert interpreters have over 10 years’ experience and offer flawless interpretations throughout the meeting. We also provide a demo session with our clients prior to the meeting day to ensure everything is set up in due time.

Contact us for your multilingual virtual meetings and increase your global reach.

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