In keeping with one of our core values; ‘Preservation’ we believe greatly in using language conservatively to maintain the diverse culture mix. It is based on this belief that we are committed to working closely with Suba Community where the language and culture can be considered as endangered, in others perhaps it is more fitting to classify them as severely endangered or even almost extinct (UNESCO unpublished research on the language). In order to boost Global interactions, we support schooling of the Suba orphaned girl child in Gwasi hills. In addition, the company sponsors widows to build homes for the children’s shelter.

Global Voices opted for Suba for its uniqueness in the Language arena and the huge magnitude of need that existed in this area. The campaign is dubbed “Omwiseke yachiri kwisoma – The girl must go to school!

“I lost both of my parents when I was 7years old. Born in a family of three, the 2nd child of the family, I was taken in by St. Giana Tonga Orphanage in Suba County. The children’s home nurtured me and sponsored my education until I was able to finish my class 8 and sit for my KCPE exams.
It is when I was enrolling into high school that the CEO of Global Voices Mr. Andrew Sokia took me in by adopting me and facilitating my education and other basic needs.”

Vivian, who had lost all hope in life, now has a renewed vision and expectation towards life. The future doctor, now in form four is grateful for the opportunity to advance her education.