Embracing language preservation, supporting education for Suba's orphaned girls, building homes, fostering hope. #CSR #GlobalVoices
Companies in Kenya Supporting Language education as Corporate Social Responsibility Vivian

Preserving Language, Empowering Lives: Our Commitment to Suba Community

At Global Voices, our core value of ‘Preservation’ drives us to conserve language, safeguarding cultural diversity. Recognizing Suba’s endangered language, we’ve launched a campaign—“Omwiseke yachiri kwisoma,” meaning “The girl must go to school!”

Empowering Education in Gwasi Hills

In partnership with the Suba Community, we focus on boosting global interactions through initiatives such as supporting the education of Suba orphaned girls in Gwasi hills. Additionally, we sponsor widows to build homes for children’s shelter.

Vivian’s Story: From Loss to Hope

Meet Vivian, a testament to our impact. Orphaned at 7, she found a home at St. Giana Tonga Orphanage in Suba County. Global Voices CEO, Mr. Andrew Sokia, adopted Vivian, facilitating her education and basic needs. Now in Form Four, Vivian aspires to be a doctor, embodying the transformative power of education.

Join us in this meaningful journey. Together, let’s preserve languages and shape brighter futures.