Global Voices offers expert interpretation services in various languages, including simultaneous, whispered, consecutive, and liaison interpreting.

When two or more people are not able to communicate with each other clearly, mainly due to a language difference, they need interpretation services. We, at Global Voices, provide accurate conference interpreting services, which is aimed at breaking language barriers and enabling you to communicate effectively. We specialize in providing high-quality language interpretation services at competitive prices, with a quick turnaround time.

Interpreting is not merely a translation of a spoken language but an art of cultural mediation through which interpreters are able to facilitate communication in two or more languages. Our team of professional interpreters is capable of addressing your interpreting needs with ease.

Modes of Interpretation Services

We offer the following modes of interpretation services in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Kiswahili, and many more languages.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Behind – the – scenes, real-time interpreting for conferences, large meetings and high-level official talks.

Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting
(also known as Chuchotage)

In – audience real-time interpreting for an individual or small group of people who require interpretation into their mother tongue. Done at a whisper, with the interpreter seated amongst the target audience.

Consecutive Interpreting

Small and medium – sized group interpreting. The interpreter stands with the speaker and repeats – in the target language – either a whole sentence, having taken notes, or in more manageable portions (often called “chunking”).

Liaison Interpreting

Suitable for more informal meetings between a smaller number of people, or perhaps as a chaperone for someone visiting a country whose language they do not speak.

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