The DCN-CON is the standard delegate conference unit that enables delegates to speak, register a request-to-speak, register a response request, listen to the speaker, and vote. It has a low susceptibility to interference from mobile phones. A socket is provided to connect the pluggable microphones.
Bosch DCN CON Standard Delegate Conference Set
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Revolutionize Your Conferences with DCN-CON Delegate Conference Units

Seamless Communication at Your Fingertips

Introducing the DCN-CON, your go-to delegate conference unit for unrivaled interaction. Empower delegates to speak, request-to-speak, respond, listen, and vote—all in one user-friendly device.

Advanced Technology, Minimal Interference

Our DCN-CON unit sets the standard for conference technology. Experience low susceptibility to mobile phone interference, ensuring crystal-clear communication in every session.

Customizable Microphone Connectivity

Tailor your conference setup effortlessly. The DCN-CON unit features a socket for pluggable microphones, providing a seamless connection for enhanced audio clarity.

Elevate Engagement, Elevate Events

Make your conferences memorable with the DCN-CON. From dynamic discussions to instant voting, this unit enhances delegate engagement and ensures every voice is heard.

Ready to Transform Your Events?

Bring innovation to your conferences with our DCN-CON units. Ready for seamless communication and advanced features? Request a rental quote today and take your events to the next level. Your conference revolution starts here.

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