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Command the Conversation with Bosch CCS-DL Delegate Unit Long Microphone

Unleash Powerful Discussions with Innovative Features

Introducing the Bosch CCS-D Delegate Unit—a powerhouse designed for the Bosch CCS 900 Conference System. Its unique “Possible-To-Speak” indicator revolutionizes communication dynamics, guiding users seamlessly through discussions.

Smart Design for Engaging Meetings

Compact and attractive, the CCS-D Delegate Unit brings sophistication to your meetings. The built-in speaker, adjustable gooseneck microphone, and microphone light ring enhance communication clarity.

Precision Control at Your Fingertips

Navigate effortlessly with built-in volume control for headphones and a red LED ring indicating power. The loudspeaker intuitively mutes during microphone use, ensuring a seamless speaking experience.

Tailor to Your Needs

Customize your setup with microphone options—standard or extended-length stems. The CCS-D Delegate Unit is adaptable to various meeting environments and speaker preferences.

Wireless Freedom for Unconstrained Discussions

For events where wired solutions are impractical, explore our wireless discussion microphones. Connect a headset for language options and experience unhindered, dynamic conversations.

Elevate Your Event’s Audio Dynamics

In rooms with challenging acoustics or during discussions with multiple speakers, Bosch CCS-DL ensures unparalleled audio clarity. Transform your event—request a rental quote today. Your powerful discussions start here. 🎤🌐

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