The system is highly flexible and offers exceptional audio quality, making it ideal for parliaments, conference centers and international organizations, no matter what the size of the event or venue. As a result, it has become the wireless, infrared language distribution system of choice for event organizers.
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Unleashing the Language of Perfection

The Nation’s Favorite Interpretation System

Bosch Integrus takes the crown as the most popular interpretation system nationwide, setting the standard for seamless multilingual communication.

Ultimate Comfort in Digital Language Distribution

Experience the pinnacle of comfort with Bosch Integrus—a cutting-edge, fully digital infrared language distribution system. Advanced technology ensures a superior listening experience for delegates.

Infra-Red Freedom with No Interference

Say goodbye to interference headaches. Bosch Integrus employs secure infra-red distribution, unaffected by lighting, allowing participants to move freely while staying connected to the proceedings.

Features that Define Excellence

  • Excellent audio quality for immersive interpretation.
  • Advanced digital technology for a superior listening experience.
  • Infrared freedom for delegates to move without limitations.
  • Simultaneous interpretation for a comprehensive understanding.
  • User-friendly channel selection for ease of use.

Freedom of Movement in Large Conferences

From substantial public attendance to a mix of nationalities, Integrus shines in large international conferences. Delegates, journalists, and audience members can enjoy freedom of movement while receiving simultaneous interpretation in their preferred language.

Elevate Your Conference Experience with Integrus

Bosch Integrus is not just a system; it’s a game-changer in simultaneous interpretation. Elevate your conference experience with the nation’s favorite interpretation solution. Contact us for a rental quote and redefine the language of perfection at your next event! 🌐🎧✨

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