This soundproof Interpreter booth is the most bulky item in the full set of Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment, yet necessary to ensure the interpreter team of 2 for every language is placed in the most comfortable and ideal position, for them to concentrate in interpreting without much interference from the event crowd and other interpreter team, and enable the viewing of the speaker and event scene. The booth is equipped with sufficient electronics and lighting devices to facilitate the interpreting of your required languages.
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Unlock Premium Interpreting Experience with our Soundproof Booths

Maximize Comfort, Minimize Distractions

In the world of Simultaneous Interpreting, our soundproof interpreter booths stand tall as the cornerstone. Despite its bulkiness, it ensures the comfort and ideal positioning of our dynamic interpreter teams, comprising two experts for every language. This strategic setup guarantees focused interpretation amid event chaos, providing an unobstructed view of speakers and the event scene.

Equipped for Excellence

Our booths boast state-of-the-art electronics and lighting devices, meticulously designed to facilitate seamless interpretation in your required languages. The perfect blend of technology and comfort ensures unparalleled service quality.

Working Conditions Tailored for Success

Max 8 Hours a Day, Pairs Alternating Every 30 Minutes

We prioritize the well-being of our interpreters. The recommended maximum daily interpreting time is 8 hours, with interpreters working in pairs, alternating every half hour. For extended periods, additional fees may apply, and a third interpreter might join the team, ensuring top-notch service quality. We discuss all details with the customer before project initiation.

Quality Over Duration

Considering quality and health constraints, the standard duration of an interpreter’s working day does not exceed three sessions of approximately 2 and a half hours each. Our goal is to create a conducive environment for interpreters, allowing them to deliver excellent service consistently.

ISO-Compliant Interpretation Booths

Setting the Standard for Precision and Quality

Our interpretation booths meet ISO standards for both fixed and mobile setups, incorporating precise requirements for sound equipment and insulation. We guarantee a premium interpreting environment that aligns with the highest industry benchmarks.

Ready to Elevate Your Interpretation Experience?

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